Monday, July 23, 2007

Natural Talents

Running is not a fitness choice of mine , but a necessary component of a triathlon. I have chosen to do one olympic-length triathlon (1mile swim, 26 mile bike, 6 mile run) per year. This helps me to stay strong and healthy all year and also helps to avoid injury through cross-training rather than concentrating on any one repetitive activity. Besides, all the components can be done outdoors which offers more interests and healthier air.
The other day I needed to pass through a school playground to return to my car after a 4-mile training run in a local park. I decided to check out the funny- mirror, something I use to love playing with as a kid visiting county fairs. Some would make me look tall and skinny, others would make me look short and fat, and they all made me laugh. The funny-mirror in the playground was the short and fat kind and it didn't make me laugh. It made me look exactly like I felt.....heavy and tired. Distance running always does that to me.
After that embarrassing photo I can proudly ask you to view the one of me swimming across the lake up-north, something I usually look forward to even when it is chilly. I move with ease, feel light and fluid, and am always invigorated when I finish. What a joy!
Have you given yourself enough play to figure out what you are good at, and the time to enjoy it?
(Photo Credit: Cheryl McCormick, Dan McCormick)

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