Saturday, November 15, 2008

Go Blue?

In the fall, after the colorful deciduous leaves have touched-down in northwest Ohio, two color-pairs remain standing. One pair of colors hales from Columbus, Ohio. The other's home is 1/3 the distance as Columbus though in another state, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Leaves no longer block the wide view in northwest Ohio by the 1st of November. College banners swoop colorfully though, like goal posts across rival porches. Proud bumper stickers and rear window decals intercept my vacant mind at boring stoplights. Spend money for clothing that boast a favorite team? That completely passes over me! There is a frenzy over college football and I am on the side-line.

Vacationing here in Florida this fall, I don't fumble with frenzied fans. I'm in a different huddle. Coincidentally though, there is a pair of colors which punts surprises my way every day. I must be the wide-receiver! What team am I on?

After a stormy morning, a rainbow arches from my balcony.

A line-of-scrimmage. The peacock made himself bigger to tackle me in route to my favorite kayak launch. My best defensive play is paddling the kayak.

Field goal! The full moon sets over the banners at the Florida pool I train in.

The day kicks-off with a billowing sunrise during another morning swim. How can I get serious about training when there is so much going on in the stands?

I photograph the pelicans' line formation but don't notice the colors of my friends' kayaks until later.

Are these blue and maize punts directed to gain my focus and affections? Or is my view-finder secretly pumped to catch scarlet and gray punts as well? How many first-downs does the game allow a contender? I've had a bunch...I must be the winner!