Thursday, October 9, 2008

True Colors

There's not much color out there, but look at ours reflect as we walk around Evergreen Lake

It is the first weekend in October and the trees haven't let go of their primary greens yet here in northwest Ohio. Regardless, this is the weekend of the women's backpacking trip at Oak Openings Preserve and it was colorful. The true colors of the women were brilliant....patience, respect, and gratitude. These behaviors, demonstrated while carrying loaded backpacks for 2 days and sleeping on the ground at night, were bright enough to color our trip beautiful.

We hiked through a variety of habitats. Here we are skirting the forest for a sunny break

and grazing the prairie

and contemplating the savanna

and crushing the frost as we head out on our second day
(left to right, Cheryl, LaRae, Lisa, Val, Karen, and Joyce
Look at the following blog and see how we lit up the night!

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