Friday, October 17, 2008

Seventeen-Mile Hike is Just a Walk in the Park

This is our sign post at the beginning of the hike on the 17-mile trail at Oak Openings Preserve Metropark near Toledo where we always get a group shot (from left to right, Cheryl, Andrea, Marita, Susan, Karen).

I should count sometime how many bridges and boardwalks are along this trail. There are dozens, but today it was dry under most of them. This is much different than the spring hike when we could have used several dozen additional bridges to span over wetlands.

After 8 miles of hiking, we had our picnic lunch around a grouping of logs. We were visited by horses and their riders. It is not uncommon to see more of these park users than other park visitors when we are further away from the parking lots. No one was too tired to greet the horses and treat them to some apples and carrots.
Before we started walking in the morning, we spotted a car at this junction in case anyone wanted to opt out of the second half of the walk. Andrea left only because she needed to get home to do some school work. The rest of us were looking forward to more of the autumn scenery and pleasant weather.

Yes, there was some brilliant reds along the trail, back-dropping Susan, Marita, and Karen here.

And yellows to match our spunky mood. With just a couple of miles remaining to complete the trail, don't these 50&60-somethings look like youngsters? Maybe that is pushing it, but we felt spirited!
Come on, lil' tike, see if you can do it! At least get out there and enjoy the splendid gift of change and color. The yellows will add a little zest to your life.

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