Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cayo Costa: Transportation

As volunteers we are able to come to Cayo Costa on a Florida Park Service boat like the one pictured above. We hitch rides on it when we want to explore other nearby islands like North Captiva and Gasparilla or if we need to go to the mainland to get supplies. Visitors to Cayo Costa usually arrive by public ferry or they come on their private boats. The island is 7 miles long north to south and 1 mile wide east to west. How do we get around once on the island?

You can take this truck-pulled tram on a service road from the ferry dock across the island to the beach. As a volunteer I help with the driving.

On calmer days you can explore the bays, lagoons, and sandbars by kayak on the leeward side of Cayo Costa. Why don't you see me paddling? This kayak is peddle propelled. It is peddled like a bicycle leaving my hands free for the camera, binoculars and snacks! We don't venture into the open sea with these kayaks.

This is my favorite way to get around on Cayo Costa. There are several miles of flat trails through the coastal grasslands and oak pine forests. At low tide it is possible to "coast" on the shoreline (until you turn around and hit the wind).

But you can barely beat bare footin'.