Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cayo Costa: Star Gazing

Beach Morning-Glory

Without electricity and lights near Cayo Costa, we get amazing views of the stars. The night of the total eclipse of the moon was awesome and fun. Campers had fires going, and spotting scopes set on the moon. Music and song flooded the campground as the moonlight faded. When the moon was completely shadowed by the earth, it presented itself in an unusual over-ripe pear color. No flashlights or headlamps were needed to navigate for several nights during the week of the full moon.

Walking around during the day, I notice how many stars surround me. All of these photos are taken within 200 yards of my campsite.

A Starfish (Sea Star) Drifted in with a Sea Urchin

This little 8 inch plant surrounds my camp but I can't find it in my guidebook.

There are a lot of sand dollars on the beach near here.

This 6 inch white flower is moon vine. It blooms only at night.

Obviously, stars are shining on us 24/7.