Thursday, August 9, 2007

He Made Me Do It

It seems so much has to be squished into our short summer season. Having returned recently from a vacation up-north, I was busy with work, home, and training. My husband Dan, who spends alot of time looking at maps and reading about places when he isn't working, was bugging me again to take another little trip. He really had to work on me this time, but I finally relented and in less than 2 days we were off to the UP (upper peninsula of Michigan). We loaded our kayaks, camp gear, and food, then drove and ferried over to Drummond Island in northern Lake Huron and did a kayak 6-day mini-adventure. I have some photos to show you, but Dan isn't going to let me tell you exactly where we went because he caught alot of big fish that he released and hopes to catch again. I caught a lot of time with a very quiet natural world, pursuing otter, beaver, deer, butterflies, fossils, snakes, frogs, and flowers with my little pocket digital camera. I would love to tell you exactly where we were, but the best I can do is show you photos and wish you the kind of fortune I have.....someone to make you get out there. Out is In!

Cheryl kayaking on Lake Huron
Dan kayak-sailing with a deer on shore
Where in the world is this campsite?
Cheryl warming up after a swim
Dan in a hurry to release the small-mouth bass
Playing with 3 otter
Monarch butterfly