Monday, August 13, 2007

Done for Another Year

I'm done. I completed the Sylvania olympic length triathlon yesterday, the only one I do every year. I always feel relieved, lighter (literally), and healthier for it. The draw-back to this mid-August triathlon is the realization that there won't be many more days of simplified clothing, bare feet, and outdoor swimming. But I feel good!
I'm happy with my time (3:08:23) and with my recovery. I came in fourth in my age group and received a medal. I am thankful that I completed the event in the heat without complications, and I wasn't ashamed to walk when I felt too overheated to run. It was exciting to be with 900 athletes from 32 states, some of the athletes being world class. You can view the results at
So after a day of rest, it is time to scrub off the body markings, hang the medal, and get back to work. More so, I want to feel the still-warm earth under my bare feet without thinking about running, to swim the still-warm waters with all the joy and grace of a relaxed frame, and to reap the benefits of a stronger mind and body on whatever roads I cross.
It is so nice to be done, but not finished!

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Debby said...

Congratulations, Cheryl! You are my hero.