Saturday, May 17, 2008

May it Happen!

One of the things I would like to do in life is sit.
Sit for 30 days in the woods and watch the changes.

I have decided mid-April to mid-May would be the most amazing time. These photos were taken April 17th and May 17th on the 17-mile Scout Trail at Oak Openings Preserve near Toledo, Ohio.

Can you believe this is the same place?

April looks pretty bare here. Notice the river.

Can you see the river in May? The skunk cabbage grows thick and lush in one month.

I intentionally shot photos from the Polly Fox bridge because there is a nice story behind it. High school girls built this bridge under the direction of a female park ranger. The girls are single moms from Polly Fox Academy. Several of them have backpacked the 17-mile scout trail. Isn't this a unique way to do something useful for the community and learn life-skills at the same time?

What will sign-post 11 look like in May?
Coming soon on my next post!

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