Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Backpack Birthday

Backpackers Journal on the Appalachian Trail, April 5, 2008, Davenport Gap shelter. Click on the photo to enlarge it and read some of the entries from the thru-hikers who are backpacking over 2000 miles this year from Georgia to Maine.

I think it was for my 50th birthday when I did my first solo backpacking trip. Now I love it and try to get myself to the Smokies every April to celebrate my birthday. Here's some photos from this years trip.

It's a steep climb getting up to the Appalachian Trail in Smoky Mountain National Park.

Lots of streams to cross. This is a small one but a good place for a break (not a leg) and sip of cold water.

Don't you agree this is a great birthday gift? In my next blog entry you will discover why I really love to get up on the Appalachian Trail. Happy Trails!

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