Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Tribute to Old Blue

A Tribute Looking for Warmth

Self-serve Christmas Wreath Stand

Painting of Old Blue Guarding Our Home

Do you see the painting of the cabin above? Look at the tall Blue Spruce to the left of the door. That is the tree that has guarded the front door of our home since we moved in 26 years ago. It is one of the reasons why we bought the house. We use to bend beneath it's branches to enter the little cabin, our first home. It watched us bring home two new-born babies. It guarded their growth and all our family's activities to and fro, beneath it's wings, for 26 years. Early on, as the family grew, we added on to the little cabin, ultimately building a large home in a U-shape around Blue Spruce. We thought we were preserving it, but we may have helped contribute to its demise......building too closely and smothering it to death. We thrived, and it died.

Sadly, this week we had to cut it down as 2/3 of it had already died. Two tree specialists from Savory Tree Service in Toledo, Matt and Brian, did a great job dropping this 70 foot giant so that it didn't go through the roof or windows. I pruned the green branches and my husband salvaged firewood, determined not to waste any bit of this friend. (see middle photo....self-serve Christmas wreath sales stand on our side-porch). As the tree specialists held their chain saws over the last section of felled trunk, it dawned on me how to pay my respects to this oldster.

The image was clear in my mind. I ran up to Matt and shouted over the noisy saws, "Wait! Could you just leave this section lay as it is, and plane the top couple of inches off instead?" Matt was skilled with the saw and smiled when I invited him to do the chainsaw art. In five minutes I had an eight foot bench which nobody was going to move - ever! The trunk had homed itself right next to its stump, on an inviting angle to the front door. I further suggested that the remaining stump be leveled off. Now I have a table at one end of the bench!

In the spring when it warms up, I will sand the bench and table and protect them with a sealant.......maybe. What I really look forward to doing is sitting on the bench. I want to watch the tulips break through the earth near its base. I want to use its table to hold my cup and give thanks for the 26 years of wellness we've had as it stood over us. Maybe Old Blue will feel honored that my little bottom is warming its big heart-wood. Ya think?


Linda Fayerweather, Editor said...

I lost a 123 year old fir tree this summer - yes, I counted the rings and it left a huge hole in my yard. When cleaning up after it, I, too thought about all this tree had seen. No doubt someone hitched a horse to it at one time. While counting the rings I was very much aware of years of drought and years of plenty. Trees are like old friends that we believe will always be there and mourn their loss.

BTW, the wood was taken away by the boy scouts for campfires at their camp in Toledo.

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Debby said...

What a tribute to an old friend. I am so saddened when I see trees being cut willy-nilly and you obviously honored this old giant.

Just yesterday I thought about two tall blue spruce trees that stood in our side yard in Lyndonville, NY. My dad pruned some of the dead lower branches away and created a bird feeding station under it. Many hours were spent watching the action.

Louise Kahle said...

That tree was part of your family and will continue to be through your bench and the wreaths you gave to the people in the inner city. What a great thing to do!