Saturday, September 22, 2007

Training for the Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is coming up on October 7th. My daughter Livia, who lives in Chicago, decided several months ago to do it. She has kept a very rigorous training schedule all summer. I know she just completed a 20-mile training run last weekend. She said it was fun because a large group did this run, and some of the course passed along the shores of Lake Michigan. There was music and food afterwards, but I don't think it would be worth the effort even if there was a lot of chocolate!
I want to show you these photos I shot of Livia when she was Up-North in Michigan with us at the end of August. I know Livia has been training hard, but does anyone have the right to look this good after running 13 miles on hilly, dirt roads in 85 degree heat?
This won't be her first marathon. She did one in the spring of 2004, in Tennessee, I think. And she did another one before that in which I remember the date and location very well. It was in May, in London, in 1982. She was born 5 months later. You don't have to be an obstetrician to figure whose legs hauled her across the 26 miles of cobbled, pub-lined streets of London-town. And if you can't figure this, I will tell you for certain, that those legs never, ever did it again!
But I am forever thankful that they carried her for 9 months, and it is certain that those ol' legs will be dancing a jig in Chicago-land when Livia McCormick crosses the finish line October 7 th.


Debby said...

How proud you must be of Livia. And you have every right to be!

Livia said...

Thanks Mom, Love you!

Louise Kahle said...

I just discovered your blog by reading the City Paper. I usually don't take the time to read all those ads but I did today and am glad I saw yours. Your postings are great and very interesting. Looks like Livia is taking after you.
We have things in common - I will be 57 in a couple of weeks and my husband, Mike, and I celebrated out 35th anniversary in July!
I am going to add your blog to mine!